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Door-to-Door Solicitation

As you are probably aware, City Council enacted legislation in 2013 amending the regulations for door-to-door solicitation.  Under the new regulations, door-to-door solicitation and canvassing is permitted under certain terms and conditions.  Additionally, the legislation created a Do-Not-Solicit List whereby residents can register with the City to be exempted from solicitation and contact-canvassing activities for […]

Construction Alert

Construction is scheduled on Valley Street east and west of Harshman Rd, Silveroak north of Forest Ridge Blvd, and Travis Drive at Hendon Wednesday August 20th with paving to follow.  The city has contracted with American Pavements to Micro Surface the following streets:  Beatrice Drive off of St Rt 202, Coury Ln, Barksdale Dr, Mertland […]

Projects and Activities Report and Projects Calendar are now online

Please click on the links below to see these google cloud documents:  Projects and Activities Report (updated monthly) Projects Calendar (updated annually)

Valley Pike Vapor Intrusion Information

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is investigating a pollutant issue called “vapor intrusion” in Riverside’s Valley Pike neighborhood.  Vapor intrusion occurs when underground pollutants give off dangerous gases that can rise up through the soil and seep into buildings through foundation cracks and holes causing indoor air pollution.  The first areas they studied were Hypathia, Bushnell, Rondowa and […]

Riverside Residents have access to pools at WPAFB

Both the pool at the Prairies, off of Chapel Lane (no security to clear) and the Patterson pool on base (base sponsor needed) are open to residents.  These pools will be open through Sept. 1.  A variety of passes are available including a $250 family season pass, a $90 individual season pass, a $40 individual […]

Temporary Signs

Earlier this year, City Council enacted Ordinance 2014-O-552 which updated the City’s Code with regards to temporary signs.  In particular, temporary signs placed in the public right-of-way are prohibited.  The public right-of-way is typically the area located between the street and sidewalk or the area between the utility poles and the street in areas without […]

Riverside Fire Department to Offer CPR Clases

The Riverside Fire Department is offering CPR classes for anyone interested in learning this lifesaving skill.  Classes will be held periodically at City Hall, 1791 Harshman Rd.  If you or someone you know is interested please contact the Riverside Fire Department at 937-233-1801.

Recent Ordinances

Ordinance 14-0-552 Ordinance 14-0-552 Exhibit A Ordinance 13-0-541 Chapter 133-Administrative Code Ordinance 14-0-557

Do Not Solicit List

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