Community Focus Forward

Have something on your mind?  We are listening!  ALL Riverside citizens are invited and encouraged to share concerns or ask questions during a COMMUNITY FOCUS FORWARD meeting. Offering a relaxed and informal settings around the community, Riverside City Council members and staff members will be available for discussion, answer questions and provide City updates. Conveniently located and scheduled near each of our neighborhoods, residents may attend the meeting closest to their home or any other date and location.

Completing a ‘Focus Forward Question Card’ prior to or at the beginning of each meeting will help maintain equal opportunity for participation and effectively use our meeting time.  Find the Focus Forward Question Card in the Newsletter, at each meeting, the Riverside Website,, or the Administrative Office, 5200 Springfield Street.

Formal meeting format:

  • Maintain equal opportunity for participation
  • Engage in positive discussion
  • Minimize ‘elevated complaints’
  • Utilize time effectively
  • Encourage resident participation

The Riverside City Council Members, Administrative and Service Department Staff will be available for discussion, answer questions and provide information.

We look forward to launching the Community Focus Forward and work together to build a stronger Riverside!

Community Focus Area Card

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