Updated Zoning Fee Schedule

At the March 16th Council meeting, Council passed Resolution 16-R-4153.  This resolution updated the zoning fees  that had not been a updated since 1996.  The fees are based on administrative costs and are similar to other municipal fees within the region. The new fee structure took effect on March 17, 2016.  In addition, Ordinance 16-O-595 passed the first reading and creates an Abatement Action Fee.  The fee will be $125.00 dollars and will be added to the cost associated whenever the City has to abate a Zoning or Property Maintenance violation such; as nuisance demolition, securing a vacant structure, tall weeds and grass mowing, or trash and debris removal.  The second reading for this ordinance will be at the April 7 Council meeting.

Planning Zoning Fee Schedule

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