Police Department

Police Department

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Police Chief,  Frank Robinson

Chief Robinson comes to Riverside with over 30 years of law enforcement experience with the Lemon Township Police Department and the City of Monroe, Ohio.  His law enforcement experience includes serving as Lieutenant/Assistant Chief while at the City of Monroe.  His work there included Patrol Division Commander, SWAT and K-9 Program Administrator and Officer Supervisor.  He  was also involved in complaint investigations and officer performance evaluations, budget planning and analysis and strategic planning.  Chief Robinson holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management from Union Institute and University.

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Police Major, Matt Sturgeon

Major Matt Sturgeon has been with the Riverside Police Department for 22 years.  He grew up in Riverside, where he attended St. Helen’s Elementary and graduated from Carroll High School in 1989.  After high school, Major Sturgeon attended the University of Dayton where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science and a minor in Psychology in 1993.  He then attended Sinclair Police Academy and graduated in 1994.  Major Sturgeon began his career as a patrol officer and was promoted to sergeant in 1998.  Major Sturgeon has also served in the detective section solving multiple homicides.  Major Sturgeon has played a vital role in the department’s firearms training program over the past ten plus years.  Major Sturgeon was a founding member of the City’s bike patrol unit and ran the department’s computer voice stress analyzer program and the cellphone analysis program.  Major Sturgeon has continued his education and training by attending frequent classes obtaining multiple certifications in a variety of law enforcement disciples. On March 20, 2017, he was promoted to Major of Road Patrol Operations.

Riverside Police Department Resource Directory – Here you will be able to find contract information for courts, local hospitals, other police departments, and local schools. Also available is contact information for services that can provide assistance with family/elderly services, animals, mental health, domestic violence, and suicide.

About the Police Department Riverside, Ohio is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Riverside is still considered a small community, with a current population of approximately 27,500. The community is commonly known as The Gateway to the United States Air Force Museum. The City of Riverside is continuing to grow and economic development is at the forefront of the city’s future. The Riverside Police Department is dedicated to keeping Riverside safe and continually looks for ways to continue our progress and increase safety and well being within our city. The key role of our department is the relationship between Police and citizenry, which must be open, trusting, and mutually responsive. These traits will produce a professional and creditable department. By providing a good quality service of law enforcement we recognize that our job as Police officials is heavily dependent on how well we perform in the eyes of the public. Sometimes it appears to be a difficult challenge, especially in light of the many different crimes and problems that our community as well as others, face. I truly believe that working together we can overcome these obstacles and continue to move forward in a positive direction for a better tomorrow. We will continue to run the Police department as a business, and treat the public as our customers. It is our goal to make every experience with the Riverside Police Department as pleasurable as possible. This attribute makes our residents happy and it provides a better working relationship within the community. The department  realizes the vital importance of working closely with all other police and criminal justice agencies, when extra resources are needed or specially trained officers are utilized as an essential means of managing and resolving a particular situation. Working together with these different agencies, we share resources and information, which makes for a more efficient and effective city, county and statewide criminal justice organization. The men and women of the Riverside Police Department are committed to providing you excellent cost-effective service and working together with all of our partners to maintain a safe and livable Riverside.

Police Crash Reports

Traffic Crashes prior to June 1, 2017 are still available on Lexis Nexis at http://policereports.lexisnexis.com.  Crashes post June 1, 2017 are available by emailing the police department at police@riverside.oh.us.

Report Crimes

This page is for the purpose of exchanging information between our citizens and the police department. If you are here to report a crime in progress, you should call 911 for emergencies or 937-233-2080 for non emergencies and have an officer dispatched to your location as it has always been done. This page is NOT for reporting of the everyday matter such as barking dogs, witness statement pick up locations, parking complaints, etc. Our goal was to provide a quiet method for those folks who want to make us aware of drug houses, wanted persons and their locations, stolen merchandise, stolen vehicle locations, and any other matter that might require some discretion when talking with a police officer. To report crimes go to the Riverside Police Department Tips website: http://rpdtips.com/

Victim Services

Riverside Victim Services program provides comprehensive services to those affected by traumatic or violent criminal acts including: survivors, witnesses, and family members. Emotional recovery largely depends on the support victims receive. Riverside Victim Services provides support, resources, and an understanding of the process of victimization and trauma recovery. Being part of the Police Department affords the victim advocates a unique opportunity to have immediate contact with victims. Investigators of traumatic and violent crimes can access a victim advocate twenty-four hours a day. Being the victim of a crime can be traumatic and stressful. Contacting and communicating with law enforcement and judicial personnel can be confusing and even intimidating. The Victim Service Office was created to help victims and their families cope with the effects of crime in their lives. Goals

  • To lessen the trauma suffered by victims and their families.
  • To increase resources available to crime survivors and co-survivors.
  • To increase public awareness of the impact of crime on survivors and to the community.
  • To bind survivors and co-survivors more closely to the justice system and to advocate for their right to participate in the process.
  • To make the community, legislature, and justice system aware of the needs and rights of crime survivors and co-survivors.

Services Provided

  • Emotional support and crisis intervention.
  • Court accompaniment during all stages of the justice system.
  • Personal advocacy.
  • Information and referral to community resources.
  • Information and assistance in filing for Victims of Crime Compensation.
  • Information and assistance with Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE).

Domestic Violence

  • Riverside Victim Services review all domestic reports and contact all victims by telephone or letter. This ensures all domestic violence victims receive information regarding victims rights, protection orders, safety planning, referral services and the judicial process.
  • Riverside Victim Services provide early intervention to both parties involved in a domestic dispute. By providing resources early we may prevent the situation from escalating into domestic violence.

Victim Services can be reached at Office: (937) 233-1801 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday (Closed Holidays) Email at mfutrell@riverside.oh.us. The Riverside Victim Services Office is located at the Police Department at: 1791 Harshman Road Riverside, Ohio 45424.

Exterior Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

The Police Department was recently tasked with enforcing the Exterior Property Maintenance Code. The District Officers have been on every street in their districts filling out notices of  exterior maintenance code violations. These violations for the most part include: tall grass and weeds, junk vehicles, vehicles parked in the grass, recreational vehicles parked improperly, etc. Please keep in mind if you have received a notice of violation, we are asking you to comply with the law. All violations that are not properly addressed will be taken to Court or abated by the City. The District Officers will be conducting street by street Exterior Property Code Maintenance inspections multiple times a year. I have no doubt we can have a very positive impact on our cities appearance and future if we all work together. 2012 Annual Report – Police Dept 2013 Annual Report – Police Dept