Riverside Fire Department Rescues Beverly Gardens Phys Ed Teacher after Night Spent on the Roof

The students at Beverly Gardens were issued a challenge by their PTO President, Sandy Goble, to raise funds by having a Walk-A-Thon in October.  To sweeten the deal, Physical Education teacher Eric Bostick pledged to spend the night on the roof of the school if the students exceeded the funds raised last year.

The students more than rose to the challenge, and Mr. Bostick stuck to his end of the bargain, and spent the night on the roof at Beverly Gardens.  He slept in a tent, which kept wanting to blow over, and was provided a “survival bag” – a backpack with snacks, donated by a Beverly Gardens parent.

After spending the night on the roof, the Fire Department arrived to ‘rescue” Mr. Bostick from the roof of the building.  The students were on hand to cheer him on as he came down from the roof, and wrap up the Fund Raiser.  These hardworking students exceeded last year’s funds by raising nearly $9,000.00.

Well done, Students of Beverly Gardens!!

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